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Peanut/Nut Aware Policy

Click on the link below to view the whole policy.

The incidence of severe food allergies in the general population is increasing. In the Corning Community School District (CCSD), we are aware of the tremendous risk children and adults who are allergic to peanuts/nuts can face from even the smallest trace of peanut butter or other nut products. Exposure can occur by swallowing, touching, and/or inhaling airborne particles of absorbing residues from other surfaces. The consequences are life threatening in many cases and require immediate intervention with medication or even hospitalization. The CCSD wants to create and safe school environment for students with peanut/tree nut allergies. Our school is not “peanut free,” but we do provide a safe environment for students with known peanut/tree nut allergies and other food allergies and provide our staff with education and information on preventive measures and treatment in case of a reaction. Although we cannot guarantee that nuts or nut containing products won’t be brought into the school, it is our policy and expectation that NUTS or products containing nuts, produced on equipment or in factories that produce nuts or have a warning on the label will not be brought into school or at any school sponsored activities. This policy is to be upheld on school days during the hours of 8am-4pm and during regular bus route hours. We understand that each situation is unique and will address each and every student’s situation as needed. For questions or to see the full Peanut/Nut Aware Policy, please contact the School Nurse at 641.322.4020

Peanut-Nut Aware Policy.docx.pdf

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